Breastfeeding For “The Rest of Us”

When I had my oldest, I felt like most of the breastfeeding information out there wasn’t for me. So much of it seemed to assume that for a mother to breastfeed everything had to be “perfect”: a healthy, full-term, naturally birthed infant who has no issues born to a mother with no issues.

The truth is that breastfeeding is for all moms and babies- even if it doesn’t look the same for all of us. Maybe you have breast hypoplasia or a previous breast surgery and can’t make a full supply. Maybe you’re adopting. Maybe your natural birth didn’t turn out so natural. Maybe your baby has a birth defect. Maybe you have a premature baby or twins. Maybe something isn’t going right and you’re not sure what to do about it.

Breastfeeding is still for you and your baby.

With that in mind, my classes cater to “the rest of us”.

Online Classes

Healthier, Happier, Easier: Breastfeeding in the Real World

Go beyond the basics with the first breastfeeding class with a curriculum based on feedback and experiences from real moms.  This class assumes that your baby is full-term and has no serious complication (prematurity, birth defect, birth injury, etc.) You’ll get a complete guide on how to prepare for your baby’s birth so that you can off to a smooth start, how to pump for work and school, your legal rights as a breastfeeding mother and a complete guide to trouble shooting so you can feel calm and happy with breastfeeding instead of worried and frazzled. To enroll, go to the Birth Multiverse Teachable page here.

 Breastfeeding in the Real World and Adoption

A complete guide to breastfeeding an adoption! Breastfeeding does not require a previous pregnancy, birth or even fertility. If you are adding to your family through adoption, you can still breastfeed! This class includes information on the biology of lactation, how to get started with inducing lactation, using alternative feeding methods for babies who have not breastfed before and how to build your milk supply. To enroll, go to the Birth Multiverse Teachable page here.

Coming soon…

Breastfeeding In The NICU: Premies and Multiples

Breastfeeding Special Needs Babies

One-on-One Classes

I also do one hour one-on-one classes for mothers who have a specific concern or issue. I’ve found that an hour of good help can prevent a cascade of trouble which often leads to stopping too soon.  I’ve found that many problems are actually simple fixes- but it’s about knowing what the problem actually is. If you don’t know what’s actually wrong, it’s easy to go after the wrong solution or think that you have to stop. I find it’s especially helpful to use email or text because then I have your words n front of me and you can refer back to mine if you need them later.

How it works…

With a one-on-one class, you reserve an hour with me and we will communicate through email or texting. We can get to the root of the problem and find a solution. My regular hours are Monday through Saturday from 1:00-5:00 PM, Pacific Time. Online one-on-one classes are a great way to get flexible and effective help. So here’s how it goes:

  • Email me at birthmultiverse(at)gmail(dot)com. In your email please include the following information:
    • Your name
    • The time you want (Please schedule 24 hours in advance!)
    • Whether you want to use email or text for your class
    • Your baby’s age
    • What kind of birth you had- natural, medicated, c-section (planned, unplanned), full-term, any medications or procedures during labor
    • What’s going on and how long it has been going on
    • Is there anything especially stressful going on in your life? (You can go into as much or as little detail as you want to.)
  • I will send you an invoice through PayPal.
  • Once the invoice is taken care of, I will send you a confirmation with a reminder of your time.
  • When your time starts, I will send you an email/text to get started. Please be ready to go! (I’m a mom, I understand that life happens. But try to be ready during your hour!)
  • During your class we can email/text back to get things solved. I will also send you any handouts, articles or videos that will help.

If you have enrolled in one of my classes, you will get one free one-on-one class!

My time is at a premium lately, so if you do not get to your class time with me by responding to my initial email/text, I can not give a refund or reschedule. You will have to buy another class time.



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