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Fenugreek? Maybe Not…

If you’re breastfeeding you need fenugreek, right? Who couldn’t use a little more milk supply? When you’re breastfeeding, fenugreek might seem like the go-to remedy when things aren’t going well. But before you rush out to your local health foods store or look for Amazon’s top pick, STOP. Fenugreek may not be the answer for you. Some studies and several moms have reported that … Read More Fenugreek? Maybe Not…

Breastfeeding Advice from the Midwife of Auschwitz

Unless you’re really into World War II history¬† or you have been keeping up on the latest individuals to be beatified by the Catholic Church, you may not have heard of Stanislawa Lecysynska. She didn’t attempt to assassinate anyone. She didn’t win any battles. She didn’t blow up any munitions factories or bridges. She didn’t find out any crucial bits of military intelligence. She … Read More Breastfeeding Advice from the Midwife of Auschwitz

Becoming A Milk Donor

    Today I am officially a milk donor. After one phone interview, two paperwork packets, a visit to the rural health clinic, a blood test, 100+ oz. of milk, and several calls to FedEx Peri Ship, my donation arrived and was accepted today. I first started to consider becoming a milk donor during my breastfeeding educator certification when I did a handout on … Read More Becoming A Milk Donor

Does Your Baby Really Need Zantac?

This is a new phenomenon I’ve been hearing about. Apparently in my area, there are many doctors prescribing Zantac for breastfed babies because the baby spits up after feeding. It sounds as though some doctors and parents are concerned that spitting up after feeding means the baby has gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. GERD can be a big deal- but spitting up is normal. … Read More Does Your Baby Really Need Zantac?