Maybe you heard about Caroline Malatesta and Brookwood Medical Center in Alabama. Brookwood Medical Center used to have a big advertising campaign saying they would honor personalized birth plans, provide wireless fetal monitors, water birth and specially trained nurses for natural birth. Long story short, Caroline Malatesta chose to deliver her fourth baby there because the hospital promised such a great experience and she ended up with permanent puedenal nerve damage after two nurses twisted her wrist and forearm to force her into a supine position from a hands and knees position while holding her son’s head in her vagina for six minutes so the doctor would be present for delivery. There were no specially trained nurses or wireless monitors and water birth, birthing balls and birthing bars were not made available. And Caroline Malatesta has chronic pain and injury that prevents her from having normal sexual intercourse or having any more children. She and her husband successfully sued Brookwood Medical Center for $16 million dollars.

Talk about a bait-and-switch.

I used the Caroline Malatesta case in one of my papers on organizational culture in healthcare because it was an excellent example of how a hospital can not deliver better care without changing their culture. I’ve been taking a class on healthcare administration for my MPH and it’s been an amazing chance to look behind the curtain at how our healthcare system is functioning… and how to work that system to your advantage.

So I am excited to announce the name of my childbirth class that will be out later this year (drumroll please):

How To Get The Birth You Want…No Matter What

Here are a few things class will do for you:

  • Help you avoid becoming a victim of obstetric violence.
  • Help you decrease your time in labor
  • Help you protect yourself from bait-and-switch hospitals
  • Avoid unnecessary c-sections
  • …Or have a better necessary c-section
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of different pain medications during labor
  • For Dads- avoid the “she-said-she-wanted-a-natural-birth-and-now-she’s-screaming-for-drugs” dilemma
  • Avoid birth plan pitfalls
  • Prepare for the birth you want NOW- before labor starts. (Once labor starts, it’s too late.)
  • What is necessary and unnecessary for a healthy and safe birth (and why)
  • Tests that may save your life or your baby’s life that your doctor may not be aware of
  • Why most special pregnancy diets are not very helpful for you or your baby… and what you really need to eat to be healthy

Stay tuned for more updates and tell your friends that a new method of teaching is coming. You can also sign up for my email newsletter to stay posted!

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