Month: November 2017

Fenugreek? Maybe Not…

If you’re breastfeeding you need fenugreek, right? Who couldn’t use a little more milk supply? When you’re breastfeeding, fenugreek might seem like the go-to remedy when things aren’t going well. But before you rush out to your local health foods store or look for Amazon’s top pick, STOP. Fenugreek may not be the answer for you. Some studies and several moms have reported that … Read More Fenugreek? Maybe Not…

Let Me Level With You- Two New Videos

Two new videos have been added to the “Let Me Level With You” series! Hepatitis B So many parents have questions about hepatitis B and what the real risks are. Here’s the info on who is really at risk for hep B and why. Vimeo YouTube Prenatal Testing Prenatal testing seems simple on the surface. You get a test, it tells you if your … Read More Let Me Level With You- Two New Videos

Are Mandatory School Vaccine Laws Actually Helping?

I’m not talking about rates of vaccine exemptions here. Oh no. People like talking about vaccine exemption rates because it distracts them from the bigger issues of school vaccinations. I’m talking about epidemiology. The idea behind mandatory school vaccinations is to prevent diseases from spreading among children in a crowded setting. But required school vaccinations- especially for certain diseases- don’t necessarily solve the issue … Read More Are Mandatory School Vaccine Laws Actually Helping?