Month: April 2017

Measles Facts and Fiction

Fact: the news media is not trained in epidemiology. Another fact: TV shows (like, say, Law and Order) are not scholarly sources of information on anything. There are a lot of misconceptions circulating about measles and the state of measles here in the United States. Personally, I feel like the media bears some responsibility as journalists and TV shows present a series of half-truths or outright … Read More Measles Facts and Fiction

Michael Crichton, Natural Birth Proponent

Yes, the author of Jurassic Park was actually a natural birth proponent. It goes back to his medical school days when they were still doing scopolamine births. Remember that episode of Mad Men  where Betty goes to the hospital and gives birth to Gene with scopolamine? Yeah, that was sanitized for TV audiences. But back to the guy who wrote Jurassic Park… Crichton wanted to be a … Read More Michael Crichton, Natural Birth Proponent

Europe has nationalized healthcare, America has GoFundMe, here’s why

Have you ever heard about how the “Titans of Industry” in the Gilded Age made so. much. money? It’s because there was so little regulation on big business and the treatment of workers at the time. If you wanted to pay your workers an un-livable wage and work them 12 hours a day, 6 days a week under dangerous conditions, there was nothing to … Read More Europe has nationalized healthcare, America has GoFundMe, here’s why